Making Mosaics

Mosaics are not an art form taught in art school.  Why not?  This is one of the oldest art forms, yet mosaics don't get a lot of modern love.

I first discovered mosaics in my art history and history books when I was in college  and was immediately fascinated with them.  I loved the idea that broken, seemingly useless items can be put together to recreate an entire new wall, floor, or work of art.  I think it spoke to my love of the underdog or the marginalized.  I love the idea that something is given a new life when an artist touches broken things.  I love the story of the founder of the Piquie Assiette form of mosaics (broken china, etc) He was a grave sweeper.  I imagine him always surrounded by death, always aware of the fleetingness of life, walking home and finding that first piece of pottery.  He brought it home and found more in the fields after that.  He then started covering his home with all of these dishes and creating art with all that 'junk.'  

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