Voltaggio Sisters - Lisa & Laura


Raised in the Philadelphia area by parents from Queens, NY, Lisa and Laura were heavily influenced by their Italian culture and traditions. Their grandfather, Gaetano Voltaggio, had an artistic spirit and eye. He loved wood carving, writing, and history. He traced his family genealogy back to the 1500s and wrote and published a book recounting his childhood as an Italian immigrant living in NYC, called 'Looking Back'.

It must have been in their genes - this mutual love for history and art that sparked their passion for mosaic artwork. Lisa and Laura traveled to Pompeii and Rome together in their early twenties, where they saw and fell in love with mosaics for the first time. Now, decades later, (and 7 kids between them!) they are creating their own together, with a modern twist on the craft.

Lisa lives and works out of her studio in Los Angeles. She gets her inspiration from people, the city, and every design element ever created, depending on her mood that day. She likes to combine unusual motifs, such as Victorian Cameos with Southwest textures and patterns. Laura lives and works out of her studio in Lititz, PA. She is inspired by the nature world, channeling the elemental beauty that surrounds us into her work, and using Mother Nature as her color palette.