The Voltaggio Sisters


Still having fun together...two sisters trying to foster creativity, inspire compassion and connectivity, promote artistic expression and appreciation, and spread a little love in the world.

Born from my passion for this ancient art form, what began as a fun hobby has now become something more meaningful. A former life in corporate sales left me profoundly dissatisfied with my career. For a long time I considered myself a lifelong 'Shadow Artist' - a person who doesn’t think of themselves as creative, yet surrounds themselves with art and other artists because they fear releasing their own dormant creativity. So although creating an art business was an underlying aspiration, truly embracing my dream and letting go of old anxieties proved challenging.

Luckily, my sister Laura became interested in the craft, started making her own pieces, and caught the mosaic bug. An artistic partnership was formed and under the creative eye, organizational prowess, guidance, and support of my little sister - Voltaggio Mosaics was born.

Laura's inspiration comes directly from nature and all of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Designing pieces with personal objects from our clients to create their unique vision is one of my favorite ways to make mosaics. Contact Lisa at or 818.859.9532 to discuss your ideas.

'Creativity takes courage' - Matisse